Magical Niue

The little island of Niue, in the South Pacific Ocean. One of the largest raised coral atolls, known as the “Rock of Polynesia”. A world you have to experience yourself.

I will be sharing more photos and eventually a video of the experience.

We stayed in the Villa at the Scenic Matavai Resort Niue, which was perfect for the family.
A big thanks to the staff at the resort for looking after us so well.

I learnt the hard way that Matapa Chasm is not a good place to fly a drone. I managed to lose mine here on the first day. Thanks to the kind man who dove down to retrieve it for me. At least I got one video out of it!

There’s nothing like the crystal clear water in Niue. Being able to see up to 80 metres underwater, calms the fears of the ocean. We did see a distant shark, just a little one, but it was cool.

Thanks to the guys at Buccaneers for taking us out to swim with the dolphins, it was an amazing opportunity.

There are often markets on in the villages, usually starting from 4:30am. We were on the island long enough that we would bump into the same locals we had previously met. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming.

Despite the heat and humidity, we explored many walking tracks, chasms and caves.

Avaiki Cave, where the first canoe landed and the Niue King used to bathe. The cave formations are incredible.

No internet connection, just connection to the peaceful nature around us.
Stargazing on the island with such a clear atmosphere was magical. It is something I will go back for.

The water was wonderfully calm in the mornings and the sunsets were stunning.

This place was nothing like I expected. See you soon Niue.