Inspired to Create

stories told through motion, pictures and artworks

Art, Photo & Film

I’m Kirsty, a photographer, charcoal portrait artist and aspiring film maker, currently based in Christchurch, NZ. I have a passion for creating visual art with a camera and charcoal.

About Me

Lion - Charcoal Portrait



I am passionate about storytelling and expression.  

My vision is to capture the beauty I see in the world and express feeling through artworks. I love to share my passions with others and use my skills to help people. I offer portrait and brand photography services, as well as sell artworks and custom commissions.

Expression with Charcoal

Charcoal Portraits

I love being able to express and evoke emotion, and show how I see the world. I am drawn to the strong contrast of the black charcoal on white paper. It’s dramatic, deep and beautiful.

I currently have a few prints available, and I am taking orders for custom commissions. These are perfect as a sentimental portrait, thoughtful gift, or a personalised artwork for your wall.

Visual Storytelling

Photo & Film

I am inspired by beautiful images and powerful videos that express feeling, spark joy and passion in people, tell a meaningful story, and capture the spirit of a person. 

I offer portrait and brand photography services. My intention is to help passionate entrepreneurs and small businesses communicate their brand, story and vision.