The Wonderful West Coast

From lush forests to flying around the mountains, Franz Josef Glacier and the surrounding towns made a short visit to the West Coast something to remember.

The rewarding view from the balcony of our hotel room in Franz Josef Glacier was worth a days drive through rain and snow. The staff at Scenic Hotel Franz Josef Glacier are so friendly and welcoming.

It was so nice having a warm, comfortable room to come back to after a full day of adventures.

After an hours walk through this fairytale-like forest, we reached a peaceful secluded beach.

Waiting for the sun to set, to experience a proper sundowner in the outdoors, made it worth the hour of walking back through forest in the dark.

One important thing I forgot to pack, my tripod. So instead, I balanced my camera on a shoe to capture the crystal clear night sky above Fox Glacier.

After two scheduled helicopter flights being cancelled due to the wind, I was lucky to go up before heading home.

More photos coming soon